, date 2018-10-01

Part 1: Programmer's Guide

Javascript Documentation for the mapsuite API

Part 2: Tutorial

Chapter 1: Mapping

Chapter 2: Geocoding and Reverse-Geocoding

Chapter 3: Mapping and Geocoding

Chapter 4: Routing

Chapter 5: Controls

Chapter 6: Overlays

Chapter 7: Shapes and Layers

Chapter 8: Projection

Chapter 9: Multi-Language Support

Chapter 10: Drawing with SVG and VML

Chapter 11: SelectionAPI

Chapter 12: GeometryFilter

Part 3: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Part 4: Demo Applications and API Extensions

Extension: KartenVerzeichnisAPI - Easy integration in directory services

Extension: SelectionAPI

Demo: Map Simple

Part 5: Feedback

If you have any questions, notes or found a bug, please send us an e-mail to mapapi@infoware.de.

Part 6: Release History

The release history contains recent changes of the mapsuite Javascript API. Please consider these changes when you are upgrading your web application to a newer version.